by J Ū N O

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released October 14, 2016


Vocals | Robin Renard
Guitar/Vocals | Hugo Cavaillès
Bass/Vocals | Zack Heuff
Drums | Loïc Bruyère

Recording/Mix | Xavier Bourassa
Mastering | Adam Cichocki

Art Direction/Design | Studio Cardinal



all rights reserved


J Ū N O Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: Household Story
I’ve stayed awake long enough I think
It took me time to understand why I couldn’t sleep
Counting sheep and deep breathing didn’t help in anything
My eyes don’t want to close tight, as the stars still burn bright
I went outside and stared at the night sky,
But as my eyes were looking up I was thinking
If I'm happy here, if this is what I really want?

And wondering how everything could be better if
I choose to move from this place
From the house we’ve built, that is decaying

If these walls could talk
They would tell me the truth
About what happened, when you
Let another man embrace your heart
And sleep in our bed
I wasn’t there, but I was always thinking of you
When I came back, I noticed that some things had changed
Your shifty eyes,and your cold lips they have betrayed all of your lies

And I wanted to forgive you
But I know that one day or another
Your true colours will begin to show

A new start, new air to breathe, a better life I think,
That'll bring me back to sleep
I will never, be that kind of man, smiling every time
Just trying to pretend everything is going fine
I won’t go blind, I just want to live this life
Without thinking about
What you could've done behind my back
So I can finally sleep at night
Track Name: Reverie
It was an accident, I didn’t see it coming
It was too late to brake, but what could've happened?

I remember being late
I really needed to take a rest
So I hit the gas
I needed some air to keep me awake from this endless drive home
I was so tired, I rolled my window down,
Concrete out of sight in the middle of the night
Headlights flickering in my head, the center line began to fade away
My eyes were tired.... It was hard to keep them open

Heavy eyelids and blurred vision,
It’s like the lights and sounds were driving me far away
Far away from here, to an imaginary place
I felt my weariness slowly disappear
My eyes were tired, it was hard to keep them open
I struggled, I felt my weariness slowly disappear

At this moment, I felt so comfortable, It’s hard to resist
To not fall asleep, I wanted to desist
My head started to nod, it’s hard to focus
I rubbed my eyes and I kept telling myself

I’ll handle this, I’ll be fine

When I woke up I saw something
Crossing the road in front of me
It’s like the time just stopped
I’d seen its face, its misery
I tried my best to avoid him
But I couldn’t brake
I don't know if it was just a dream but…

It was an accident, I didn’t see it coming
It was too late to brake, maybe I hit something
But I was too afraid to turn back and face the truth
Track Name: Broken Son
It was such a tragic moment
The loss of my best friend
But I swear I’ve done my best
To make you smile and keep you safe

As your life became so awful, when your parents separated
And your heart’s been torn apart, I was trying to be there
I remember that cold winter day on December 1994
We were playing together in your basement,
Like we’ve always done before
And suddenly we heard your mother's cries in the living room
Then your father slammed the door without turning back
you knew that he would not be coming back

In that moment, I didn’t get the meaning of her cries
And the reason why he left but when I saw your face,
I started to realize that soon you would move from this place
And our friendship would never be the same
That day I lost my friend

That day you lost your family with that perfect happiness
That day I felt so lonely because we’ll never meet again

I know that every winter sadness still remains, and I’ll remember
As the first snowflakes fall on our hometown
That you and I used to be friends
The good moments that we have spent
We laughed, we cried, we hoped and dreamed
But everything has to end up against our will
We made a promise to ourselves that one day
Our paths would cross again

Two days later,
When your mom packed the last few things from your house
I saw you escaping from the window of this sinful home,
I saw you running faster
Like you didn’t want to miss a new departure

The more that we love, no matter who we are
We have to expect to destroy someone else
Track Name: Antematter
My eyes open suddenly, my heartbeats sound loud and heavy
However I’m alone in this bed
But I bet that you were here
Yet I could feel your shadow
And your scent all around me
Which pierce my lungs and spread within me

I’m haunted by your missing
So I’ve decided to never think about it
And draw a line under our past
Then turn the page rewrite a new one
Which will be created without you, without all these worries

And yet your ghost’s still turning around me
Why do I see you when I close my eyes

You laugh at me because you know I’m still thinking of you
I'm still...thinking of you

As I close my eyes, I hear your voice
Telling me to come back to you, but I don’t want to.
Because I know that we are going nowhere
I want to forget you, chase you out of my mind
Erase everything to never miss you again
Track Name: A Brighter Path
For now the time has come
To face the problem
To become the man that I’ve always wanted to be
Maybe it’s too late but
I have to do this
To save our family from a tragic ending

I’m sick of hearing them arguing every single day
I’m sick of being left aside, wallowing in misery
I feel like I don’t even exist
I’m just a ghost between the walls of this broken home
There is nothing more that I can do here
That will change the reality

So I have to run away from here
To make them understand
That their love could come back again
And the truth will set them free

Tonight I'll pack my bag, get ready to run away
In the deepest dark, my shadow will fade away
I’ll have to face my fears and do it as I've planned
I won’t get cold feet, I won’t be giving in
I’ll go over the wall and I’ll run away
Once I’ve passed the gate
I will never turn back

I’m running as fast as I can
My legs are hurting me, I won’t be giving in
And I can feel my heart racing within me
My lungs are about to explode
I got this feeling of complete freedom
That will make me fly away
Towards a better horizon
While waiting for peace
Just to come back home
I won’t get cold feet
I won’t be giving in

As I cross this road I can see
A brighter path
That opens in front of me