A Brighter Path

from by J Ū N O



For now the time has come
To face the problem
To become the man that I’ve always wanted to be
Maybe it’s too late but
I have to do this
To save our family from a tragic ending

I’m sick of hearing them arguing every single day
I’m sick of being left aside, wallowing in misery
I feel like I don’t even exist
I’m just a ghost between the walls of this broken home
There is nothing more that I can do here
That will change the reality

So I have to run away from here
To make them understand
That their love could come back again
And the truth will set them free

Tonight I'll pack my bag, get ready to run away
In the deepest dark, my shadow will fade away
I’ll have to face my fears and do it as I've planned
I won’t get cold feet, I won’t be giving in
I’ll go over the wall and I’ll run away
Once I’ve passed the gate
I will never turn back

I’m running as fast as I can
My legs are hurting me, I won’t be giving in
And I can feel my heart racing within me
My lungs are about to explode
I got this feeling of complete freedom
That will make me fly away
Towards a better horizon
While waiting for peace
Just to come back home
I won’t get cold feet
I won’t be giving in

As I cross this road I can see
A brighter path
That opens in front of me


from C R O S S, released October 14, 2016



all rights reserved


J Ū N O Montreal, Québec

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